25 Januari 2008

Artist: Ben Liebrand
Title: Grandmix VJ Visuals
Medium: DVD + CD
Label: SMM 673 936 9 Holland
Year: 2005

Created by Ben Liebrand.

Disk 1 DVD video
01 Grandmix VJ Visuals 60:00
02 Alan Parsons Project - The time machine
03 Atlantic Ocean - Trance atlantis
04 Dadara - Greyman
05 Making of Greyman

Disk 2 Audio
01 Modular 1 60:00
02 Modular 1 14:00

Artist: Ben Liebrand
Title: Grandmix 2007
Medium: 3CD
Label: SONY 88697199872 Holland
Year: 2008

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
Grandmix 2007

Artwork by Ben liebrand


Artist: Ben Liebrand
Title: Grandmix 1991
Medium: LP
Label: 47892 DJ Ice
Year: 1991

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
Grandmix 1991

Bootleg (DJ Ice)

Artist: The Limit
Title: She's so divine
Medium: 12"
Label: Arod 285
Year: 1982

Re-edited by Ben Liebrand.
A She's so divine 6:40

Misprint on the recordlabel says V. Liebrand instead of B. Liebrand.
Comes in a plain white cover


Artist: Salt n Pepa
Title: 5 different hits
Medium: CD The Best Of .....
Label: FFRR Promo
Year: 1999

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
06 Let's talk about sex
07 Do you want me (3:18)
09 Expression (Hard Ecu Edit)
10 You showed me (The born again mix)
13 Start me up (Radio edit)

Promo Disc


Artist: The Broads
Title: Sing Sing Sing
Medium: 7"
Label: Hansa 105879 100
Year: 1983

Produced by Ben Liebrand.
A Sing sing sing 4:15
B Tonight (there will be love) 3:35

Including an promotion sticker


Artist: Lisa
Title: Break it out
Medium: LP Break Out
Label: Arcade Records ADEH 108
Year: 1983

Mixed Ben Liebrand.
side B track 2 Lisa - Break it out 5:39


Artist: Rofo
Title: Flashlight on a discolight
Medium: 12"
Label: BMC 3581
Year: 1984

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
A Special megamix 6:40

Different label (scroll the image to see the label)

Artists: Various
Title: Radio 538 Greatest Hits 2
Medium: CD
Label: JIVE 0524092 Holland
Year: 1999

Cover Design by Ben Liebrand.


19 Januari 2008

Artists: Ben Liebrand
Title: 50 Disco Hits Mix
Medium: 3CD
Label: Sony/BMG 88697123402
Year: 2006

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
Artwork by Ben Liebrand


Artist: LaFleur
Title: Boogie nights
Medium: 7"
Label: Repertoire RR 171013 Germany
Year: 1983

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
A Boogie nights 4:20

Including productfacts on the back

Artist: Tony Scott
Title: Megamix
Medium: 7"
Label: BCM 07503
Year: ?

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
Move to the bigband

Artists: Fun Fun
Title: Baila bolero
Medium: 12"
Label: Carrere CART 416
Year: 1987

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
B1 Scratch remix
B2 Edit scratch remix

Artist: Mc Miker G & Deejay Sven
Title: Holiday rap
Medium: 7"
Label: Chrysalis/Debt 3008
Year: 1986 United kingdom

Mixed & Produced by Ben Liebrand.
A Holiday rap 4:25
B Whimsical touch 5:00

UK Pressing


07 Januari 2008

Artists: Ben Liebrand
Title: Jaarmix 2007 (only provided by Kruidvat)
Medium: 2CD
Label: Sony BMG 828767 40472
Year: 2007

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.


Artist: MC Miker G & DJ Sven
Title: Holiday Rap
Medium: 8CD Greatest Hits of The 80's
Label: Disky PB 791192 Holland
Year: 1999

Produced and mixed by Ben Liebrand.

05 MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Holiday rap


Artists: Eddy& The Soulband
Title: Theme from Shaft
Medium: CD Dance Hits Of The 80´s
Label: Pickwick Music PWKS 4159 P UK
Year: 1992

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
11 Eddy & The Soul Band - Theme from Shaft 3:49