26 March 2006

Artist: MDMC
Title: How about it
Medium: 12"
Label: Jumbo 12017
Year: 1984

Produced and mixed by Ben Liebrand.
A How about it 7:18
B How about it (Scratch re-edit) 8:36

Italian Pressing

Artist: Ben Liebrand
Title: Grandmix 1985
Medium: LP Grandmix 1985
Label: Best Records
Year: 1985

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
On the record mentioned as B. Knieband


Artists: Ben Liebrand
Title: The eve of the war
Medium: 12"
Label: CBS 655126 8
Year: 1989

Remixed and Produced by Ben Liebrand.
A Hiphouse mix 7:48
B Mankind strikes back 5:02

18 March 2006

Artist: Cerrone
I want love
Night and day
I'm gonna take another chance on you
Medium: 12" Dancing machine
Label: CBS 656587 20
Year: 1991

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
A1 I want love 7:57
A2 Confidence 6:30
B1 Night and day 7:43
B2 I'm gonna take another chance on you 6:21

04 March 2006

Artist: Grandmaster Flash
Title: White lines
Medium: CD White lines & other messages
Label: KWest 5193
Year: 1991

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
11 White lines (Freestyle remix) 6:43

Artist: Salt 'n' Pepa
Title: Do you want me
Medium: CDM
Label: Next Plateau 869683 2
Year: 1992

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
01 Remix edit 3:19
02 Serious edit 3:23
03 Serious mix 5:16

Artist: Bill Withers
Title: Ain't no sunshine
Medium: CD Dixan 15 Champion Hits
Label: CBS LSP 982525 2 Austria
Year: 1990

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
03 Bill Withers - Ain't no sunshine (Total Eclipse mix) 5:42

Artist: Moses P
Title: Can this be love
Medium: CDM
Label: LOGIC 662420
Year: 1989

Mixed by Ben Liebrand
01 12" remix 7:17
02 7" remix 4:35

Misprinted cd label

Artists: Bill Withers
Title: Lovely day
Medium: CD Lente Kriebels
Label: CPG 1994 102
Year: 1994

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
5 Bill Withers - Lovely day (sunshine mix 4:07)

Artist: Tavares
Title: Heaven must be missing an angel
Medium: CD 12" versions bonus CD
Label: Disky BX 991152
Year: 2000

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
Track 07
Tavares - Heaven must be missing an angel 6:56

Artist: Isco
Title: Funkytown
Medium: CD Mega Dance 97 Volume 3
Label: Arcade 0110468
Year: 1997

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
12 ISCO - Funkytown Radio mix 3:43

Artist: Ben Liebrand feat Tony Scott
Title: Move to the bigband
Medium: CD DJ Mix
Label: Sony LSP 985167 2 Holland
Year: 1997

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
06 Ben Liebrand - Move to the bigband 4:35

Artist: Nina Hagen
Title: New York NY
Medium: 7"
Label: CBS 655587 7
Year: 1989

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
A Radio edit 4:36

Artist: Time Bandits
Title: Dancing on a string
Medium: 7"
Label: CBS A6593
Year: 1985

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.

B Instrumental 4:41

Artist: Level 42
Title: The hit combination
Medium: 7"
Label: Polydor 863 306 7
Year: 1992

Mixed Ben Liebrand.
A Hit combination - Edit
B Hit combination - Full version

Artist: Mc Miker G & Deejay Sven
Title: Holiday rap
Medium: 12"
Label: Rush Records 608437 213
Year: 1986

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
A1 Holiday rap 6:30
A2 Holiday rap (Acapella) 6:30
B1 Whinsical touch 5:00
B2 Holiday hip hop instrumental 6:30

Artists: Ceejay
Title: A little love (what's going on)
Medium: 12"
Label: Next Plateau NP50074
Year: 1988

Remixed by Ben Liebrand.
A Club mix 7:20

Artist: Ryan Paris
Title: Dolce Vita
Medium: 12"
Label: White label
Year: 1990

Produced and Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
A1 Uptown sk'ouse mix 6:29
B1 Uptown radio edit 3:50


Artists: Armin van Buuren
Title: Check out your mind
Medium: 12"
Label: Dance Street DST 1459 12 Germany
Year: 1996

Recorded @ the Ben Liebrand studio's

Artists: Eddie & The Soulband
Title: Theme from Shaft
Medium: 12"
Label: Phonogram JABX 11 UK
Year: 1984

Mixed by Ben Liebrand.
A Hot pursuit mix 8:35
B Extended version 6:39

Artist: Ben Liebrand
Title: Dance Classics The Summermix
Medium: 12" Dance Classics The Summermix
Label: Arcade 01 4200 11
Year: 1990

Mixed and produced by Ben Liebrand.
A Club version 5:19
B1 The classical overdub 5:15
B2 Radio version 4:10

Artist: Kelly Page
Title: A Man like that
Medium: 12"
Label: GWP 3380
Year: 1984

Mixed Ben Liebrand.
A Special remix
B1 Dub version
B2 Rhythm version

Artist: The Broads / Lafleur
Title: Sing sing sing / Boogie nights
Medium: 2 LP (12 Inches of pleasure)
Label: Proto 1
Year: 1983
Limited edition includes free 12" of Slip - Don't leave me this way

Mixed and Produced by Ben Liebrand.
B2 LaFleur - Boogie nights
B4 The Broads - Sing sing sing