Okaysjon Mix 02 (09-08-2000)
Jimmy Cliff, Specials & Wayne Wade - Radical lady in ghosttown

This is my first mix i made in Sonic Foundry Vegas Pro
The tracks i used for this mix are:
Wayne Wade - Lady
Jimmy Cliff - Roots radical
The Specials - Ghosttown
I worked on it for 8 hours and i had to edit most of the beats to sync them.
Between the BPM of the 2 main songs was a difference of 6 BPM so i had to pitch them pretty heavy to get them sync.
This mix was also a tryout to learn more from the programSonic Foundry Vegas Pro.
My inspiration to make this mix i got out of my record/CD collection, Roots radical is one of my favourate reggae songs. Then i searched in my collection for a record with almost the same BPM but ended up 6 Beats lower with Wayne wade. The Specials did have the same BPM as Wayne Wade so that choice was easy :o)
If you want to send me some comments on the mix, feel free to mail me