Okaysjon Mix 05(12-10-2000)
Living in a box - Living in a Gatecrash

This mix is born as a joke.
Used tracks are:
Living in a box - Living in a box
Living in a box - Gatecrashing
I was browsing through my records/CD's when i got an email from a friend with a request for the song gatecrashing.
I said that i did have that song and that i also had living in a box from the same band.
he said that i was wrong and that living in a box was the name of the band.
I tried to explain it to him but he wouldn't believe me so i said that i would make a mix of that living in a box song with gatecrashing together.
And so was this mix born in 13 hours, 2 bottles of cola and 10 sigarettes.
It isn't my best mix but because of the story that goes with it i decided that everyone may listen to it.
If you want to send me some comments on the mix, feel free to mail me