Okaysjon Mix 07 (12 -12-2000)
Level 42 - Tired of waiting (remix)

This mix is my first remix of 1 song.
It isn't exactly the same as a mix that includes more songs because now you have to use your immagination
and fantasie to rebuild one single track with maybe some samples or extra beats.
The only extra's i used in this mix is an extra beat which i putted over the excisting beat, and further i used some samples from the song itself and brought them back to the song at different places.
My inspirator this time was Ronald kuipers from the mixfreaks list.
He asked if there where people who liked to remix a song of Level 42 for a Level 42 mixfreaks remix CD.
And since i also like the music of Mark King and his band i decided to give it a try
I should say download the remix and judge it yourself.
If you want to send me some comments on the mix, feel free to mail me.