Okaysjon Mix 09(16 -02-2001)
Rolling stones vs. Kylie minogue - Rollin' minogue mix

When i heard The word is out from Kylie Minogue i thought it was another song, but i couldn't come up with the name of that song at once.
So i listened a few times to the song and after that i came up with the Rollings stones song Anybody seen my baby.
I loaded the 2 songs into my computer and tried to combine them.
4 hours later i had a rough version of okaysjonmix 09 and the next day i pollished the mix a bit and so it became
Rolling Stones vs. Kylie Minogue - Rollin' Minogue mix
If you want to send me some comments on the mix, feel free to mail me.

This mix got airplay on Radio Contact in Belgium :o)