Okaysjon Mix 10 (24 -02-2001)
Alarmmix 2000 (contains all alarmschijven of 2000)

It was december 2000 when i heard everybody talk about the upcomming yearmix flu and i thought to myself, hey why don't i also make a yearmix.
But at the other hand i thought that it was not much original to come up with another yearmix old style.
And that's when i decided to make a yearmix which was totaly different to most others.
After some thinking what kinda yearmix is shoul'd be i came up with the idea to make a mix containing all
Alarmschijven of the year 2000. And Alarmschijven are the song of the week records on radio 538 which they will play every hour to bring the record to your attention.
So i started mixing and after all i must say that it is very hard to make a mix with a given playlist.
But i did it and i feel good about it, i hope you feel the same way.
If you want to send me some comments on the mix or you want the covers, feel free to mail me.

For the playlist you can click below