Okaysjon Mix 11 (24 -05-2001)
A DJ's Decade 1984-1994 (part 1)
Thanks 2 Chris Barnier for the amazing covers

My inspiration for this megamix was born back in the early 90's.
I was still spinning the records with Disco White Horse when i thought it would be great to make a mix containing only songs which we played a lot in the White Horse years.
More then 10 years later i did it thanks to the computer which made it posible for me to make a long mix.
Download the mix and enjoy it when you play it loud, and hey there's a part 2 aswell.
If you want to send me some comments on the mix or you want the covers, feel free to mail me.

For the playlist you can click below

For the story behind Disco White Horse click below

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This mix got airplay on Radio Utopia