Okaysjon Mix 12 (11 -05-2001)
1 day flies vs. Robbie Williams - 1 day DJ

This mix started as a joke while i was surfing the web to look for some funny stuff. i found the site of
Kopspijkers and saw a picture of the one day flies and thought 2 myself....shall i try it?
after listening to the song for 2 times i got the feeling that Robbie Williams's Rock DJ uses the same rhythm.
Aafter 1,5 hour i got the rough version and 30 minutes later i had a version which isn't bad at all i think.
Download the mix and judge him yourself.
If you want to send me some comments on the mix, feel free to mail me.

This mix got airplay on Bajaradio, Radio middelsé & on Radio Contact in Belgium :o)