Okaysjon Mix 13 (16 -05-2001)
Danceless-American natives become one

I really had it comming these days, after finishing my decade mix i was more inspired then ever and so
okaysjonmix 13 became the 3th mix i completed in a few days.
The tracks i used in this combinaysjon are:
Dance 2 Trance - I believe in the power of american natives
Faithless - We Become 1
I made the mix in about 4 hours and i came to the idea when i heard faithless on the radio.
When the song played i started whisteling the song of Dance 2 Trance's Power of american natives along with it and another idea was born. After listening all the versions i have from the songs i started mixing in Vegas pro and within 2 hours i did have 75% of the mix finished. After that i needed to finetune the mix somewhat and after that, the outro which was the most difficult part of the mix.
Enjoy it or not
If you want to send me some comments on the mix, feel free to mail me.

This mix got airplay on Radio Contact in belgium