Okaysjon Mix 14 (08 -10-2001)
Eurythmics vs.Tone loc-Here comes the Wild thing again

After finishing okaysjonmix 13 i said that i was more inspired then ever, but i shouted too early.
After that mix there was no inspiration anymore for combinaysjon mixes but only for a long megamix which
was almost finished while i wrote this.
But close before i finished my 2nd DJ's decade mix i was in the mood again for a combinaysjon mix.
And that became okaysjonmix 14, this mix is some kind of a rip off from my 2nd DJ's decade mix.
In the Decade mix both tracks seemed to fit very well so that's why i decided to give it a try to put both tracks in a small combat mix. Both tracks are playing the whole mix so none of the tracks come by in a solo part.
Nice fact: This mix will also be played on the Mixfreaks Party 2001.
And if i'm honest (which i am) i can say that this mix is my best combimix i made till so far
Used tracks:
Eurythmics - Here comes the rain again
Tone Loc - Wild thing
If you want to send me some comments on the mix, feel free to mail me.