Okaysjon Mix 20 (20-02-2002)
Alcazar vs. K-Ram -- A Sexual menage a trois

This combineeSjon is a small tryout.
Because everytime i hear the Alcazar song i have points in the track where i would like to sing the lyrics of K-Ram's Menage a Trois. So i grabbed the songs and put them in Vegas Audio Pro 2.0 and started cutting and pasting, combining and slicing.
And after an hour of 5 i had a small mixdown of a nice combineeSjon. The hard part was the beatline of K-Ram since they are not that straight as expected. to be honest, the BPM is changing every 4 or 5 beats so a lot of cutting was needed to get the beats in place of Alcazar. Curious? Go get it.
If you want to send me some comments on the mix, feel free to mail me.

This mix got airplay on Bajaradio