Okaysjon Mix 31 (01-03-2006))

New Coated Classics (volume 1)

After more then 2 years I'm finally back on the mixing front. I started my own
groceryshop a few years ago and with that I offered all my spare time. I worked
on Tuesday till Saturday from 5am till 19:30pm and on Sunday/Monday I had to
do the bookkeeping so I couldn't find the time to do some mixing. So that's why
it took me this long to complete the mix.
Started back in September 2004 and now, March 1st the mix is finally finished.

Tracks used;
Only remixes of real classic songs over the period 1999 / 2005.
No coverbands/artists, just the originals in a remix.
Comments on the mix... want the covers... feel free to mail me!

For the playlist you can click below

The cuesheet is for download by clicking below