Okaysjon Mix 34 (20-10-2006))

Class Action vs. Doe Maar - Weekend Pa

Last week i was listening to Class Action's Weekend, and while i listened to it i started singing some lyrics of the dutch song called Pa by Doe Maar.
So i grabbed the Doe Maar song also and started to sync the beats. And it was amazing how great they fitted, so i dicided to try a mash of those two tracks.
But that wasn't as easy as it looked, the beats did work out OK but to switch over from the dutch lyrics to the english lyrics wasn't that simpel. And i also didn't have much time that week so i made the small mash in about 1 hour.
And now i heard the mash again after a few days i hear that it isn't the best thing i ever made, but it was fun to do it so i leave it online for now and maybe i will give this mash another try in the future. But for now i don't have enough time for it because i'm planning to make a 1 hour mix which should be ready somewhere around X-mas.

Class Action - Weekend
Doe Maar - Pa

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