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Okaysjon Mix 38 (19-08-2007))

Bart Simpson ft. Madonna - Keep The Bartman Together

Extended version (6:16)

Edit version (5:00)

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After a watched Simpson's The Movie i got inspired to do something with the Bart Simpson song Do The Bartman.
I scanned the song for the right BPM (103.6) and took a dive into my music database to see which song i maybe could match. And since i do have a acapella of the bartman song i searched for a instrumental track and came up with Erotica and Keep It together from Madonna.
I loaded them into Vegas 7 and started matching the tracks and soon i found out that Keep it together was the best choice since i did have a instrumental and several vocal mixes of that track.
4 hours later i did have the rough version and the day after i completed the combinaysjon.
I did let Harold Zwaartman listen to it and he was positive about the mix, the only big point he had was the length of the combi (6:16), so i decided to make an edit aswell.

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This mixed will be aired on WayFM

I did put the mix on youtube aswell to get some more comments on the mixes i make, but don't expect a real videoclip.