Okaysjon Mix 39 (30-03-2008)

Kool Duffy & The Gang - Fresh Mercy

It is already 7 months ago since i made my last mix, and i still do not really have the time for it.
But i like it so much to mess around with some different tracks that i decided to put all other things aside on this rainy day (30th of March) and started my mixing software Sony Vegas.
In the past weeks i really got hooked on the song by Duffy called Mercy, the sound is so back to the 60's combined with a heavy beat but the 60's sound stays alive.
So i decided to try something with this song, and at first i had the idea to combine it with Ben E King's Stand By Me because the sound of Mercy does make me think of Stand by Me.
Ans although it seems to fit is was not what i expected. So i tried Kool & The Gang's Fresh and that did fit although i have to pitch it up for 11 BPM.
With those 2 tracks i started and 1 afternoon later i finished the mix.
But while i was working on the mix i added a small piece of another song in it and i am curious if you can find that 3th mysterious track and name it.

So Enjoy the mix and if you find the 3th track please write me your comments and the name of that track.
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