My Studio
Finaly i did find the time to restyle my "studio"
I did replace the cheap looking and not verry steady vinylracks for a verry steady and much better looking bookcabinet.
It is much higher so i have more space and i also did reorganise my vinyl collection.

The start: Emptying my vinylracks

Here i started to take away my Ben Liebrand collection.
After that i have to do some books and other stuff, and then we can make a start with the new cabinet.

The new cabinet starts to grow

The mess caused by reorganising my "studio"
This is the hall with "No" entrence to the rooms and stairs anymore ;o)

The mess caused by reorganising my "studio"
This is my room with "No" entrence to the desk and pc in the back anymore ;o)

Temporary storage of my Ben Liebrand mixes

The Ben Liebrand "vinyl" Collection is installed again.

Also my other vinyl is installed again.

Here is a total view of my new hobbyroom
Are U curious of how my old room was? just push the button below.